• Patient is ambulating well in orthotics and rearfoot is in neutral.
  • Orthotics address the biomechanical cause of problem, is the most conservative and most appropriate form of treatment and is not invasive. If we continuously and consistently control abnormal pronatory forces, stress is relieved, injured tissues begin to heal and deformities of the feet may stop getting worse.
  • Orthotics do not directly make bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs or other deformities disappear. They do not make inflamed tissues or plantar fasciitis stop hurting. They just remove the deforming force of pronation that causes them.
  • Healing of injured tissues usually takes 3 months and consistent use of orthotics should keep that process going.
  • If healing does not proceed even after effective orthotic control then Cutting Edge Laser Therapy or more invasive treatment may be indicated.

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