Stress Fracture is caused by excessive repetitive force exerted on a bone for prolonged periods of time. Usually it present with intense pain and swelling directly over the injury. There are numerous other predisposing conditions including obesity, trauma, and overuse syndrome that could result in injury to the bone.

  1. Immobilization and Protection
    This is the single most important treatment. You must protect the injury to give it a chance to heal and to lessen the chance of further injury. A cam walker boot is used in more severe cases for the short term protection and functional foot orthotic devices are used for less severe injury and for long term treatment, to prevent harmful pronation of the foot during walking.

  2. Steroid Injections and Non-Steroidal Medications
    Cortisone shots reduce pain temporarily. They do not heal the injury, and can cause weakening of the bone. Cortisone shots are harmful and contra-indicated for this condition. Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Medications do not relieve inflammation and give a false sense of security which may prevent you from properly protecting the injury.

  3. Physical Therapy
    Can be mildly helpful to relieve symptoms temporarily but is not capable of stimulating healing of an injured tendon lying deep in the foot. Stretching of this structure by the therapist may be counterproductive and prolong the injury healing time.

  4. Heat vs Cold
    Ice is used only to stop bleeding. Although everyone recommends Ice for almost anything that hurts. This is wrong thinking. Use heat to increase the circulation. Increasing circulation washes out toxins and promotes healing. Use wet heat daily and consistently to promote healing.

  5. Shock Wave Therapy
    Pneumatic shock wave therapy will work like gravity does on bone and jump start the healing process. Treatment is given one time per week for six consecutive weeks. Healing usually takes 6-12 weeks. Shock wave is not covered by insurance. We charge $125 per week for 6 weeks.

  6. Cutting Edge Laser MLS Therapy
    Cutting Edge Laser Therapy is a focused therapeutic treatment given 3 to 5 times per week during the healing process. The laser beam shoots right through the skin and soft tissue and increases the circulation directly around the tendon and bone washing out toxins and improving healing. It is not covered by insurance. We charge $10 per treatment.

Combination therapy always works better. Each part contributes to healing in different ways.

  1. Immobilize and protect with padding orthotics in some cases cam walker boot.
  2. Stimulate healing with shockwave therapy.
  3. Increase circulation to the tendon with Cutting Edge Laser Therapy 3 times per week.

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