Patient was instructed on major factors contributing to wound pathology and healing.

  • Lack of sensation in the feet: When present it allows tissue trauma caused by pressure and rubbing to damage living tissue.
  • Pressure and rubbing by bone prominence and shoe gear will cause tissue damage and cause ulceration initially, and subsequently prevent wounds from healing. If this pressure is not relieved, wounds will not heal.
  • Bacteria produce toxic chemicals that interfere with healing in non-infected wounds and sometimes proliferated and cause bone and soft tissue infections that could cause loss of parts of the foot or leg.
  • Wounds that have been present for prolonged periods of time produce chemicals that interfere with healing. These tissues and chemicals must be removed from the wound to promote healing.
  • Regular debridement of wound will be necessary to remove dead, non-viable tissue and chemicals that interfere with wound healing.
  • Patient was informed proper nutrition and blood glucose control is crucial for wound healing.
  • Patient was instructed in application of wound dressing;
  • Patient was advised about extreme importance of off loading compliance.
  • Patient was instructed to observe for increasing drainage, for increasing edema, redness and/or pain. Escalation of life or limb threatening infection can occur in hours.
  • Call our office or the Wound Healing Center as soon as possible if problems are perceived. Emergency numbers provided.

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