1. Clipping of the corner of incurvated portion of the toenail. Advantage no injection of anesthesia. Disadvantage, some pain involved and the procedure is temporary in nature. Pain is expected to return as nail grows out.
  2. Local anesthesia via injection, then resection of ingrowing nail and nail matrix to eponychium. Advantage, more complete resection with no pain because it is done under anesthesia. Disadvantage, requires injections of anesthetic into toe and may be temporary.
  3. Local anesthesia via injection, the resection of ingrowing nail and nail matrix to eponychium with application of phenol matrix chemical cautery. Advantage: Procedure is more likely to be permanent. Disadvantage: Requires injection of local anesthetic. Post-operative care was described. Patient was informed hydrocortisone cream is applied daily and small bandage or bandaid is used for cover. Healing takes 1 to 3 months during which time dressing must be worn. Possible complications include infection, loss of nail loss or dystrophy, or possibility for recurrence.

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