6 Tips to Keep Feet Healthy for National Men’s Health Month

6 Tips to Keep Feet Healthy for National Men’s Health Month

The month of June is National Men’s Health Month. It’s the perfect time for both men and women to educate themselves about foot care. Proper foot care is crucial for healthy feet. Unfortunately, most individuals overlook that while standing upright, the feet suffer the brunt throughout the day. If you overlook your foot and ankle health, it can lead to major problems like chronic discomfort, making it difficult to perform everyday tasks.

Check out these six tips to keep your feet happy and healthy.

  • Clean feet regularly: Wash your feet with lukewarm water. It might irritate your skin if it’s too cold or too hot, especially if you have foot skin-related problems. Use light soap and a towel or soft cloth for cleaning. After that, properly dry your feet before putting on socks or shoes.
  • Try to lose that extra weight: Additional weight can trigger pain in your feet’ bones, ligaments, and joints. Consult your instructor or doctor for suggestions on activities that won’t put too much stress on your ankles and joints. It’s a good idea to lose a few pounds and eat a nutritious diet.
  • Wear clean and comfortable socks: Avoid socks that trap moisture. Wear socks made of breathable fabric. Socks that are overly restrictive or tight around the ankles can also cause discomfort and swelling. Diabetic patients should take extra care of their feet as they are more prone to foot-related problems.
  • Frequently check your feet: Check your feet every day for any changes in skin texture, color, or scratches, cuts, and wounds. Check for peeling and scaling between your toenails and around your soles, which might indicate an athlete’s foot condition.
  • Examine for blisters, wounds, redness, swelling, and itching: to avoid any long-term consequences. Additionally, look for darkening of the toenails, suggesting a nail fungus. If your nail is infected, get proper treatment before the problem aggravates.
  • Don’t share your shoes or socks: You may catch infections if you wear other people’s shoes or someone else’s socks. Wear your footgear to keep your feet safe and healthy.

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