A Podiatrist’s Guide to Shopping for the Right Pair Shoes

A Podiatrist’s Guide to Shopping for the Right Pair Shoes

Spring is here and it is the right time to shop for a pair of shoes perfect for your spring sports endeavors, whether on a golf course, a tennis court, or the track. A comfortable pair of shoes is your best friend.

Wearing ill-fitting shoes is one of the leading causes of foot disorders and wearing the wrong pair of shoes during an active sport puts you at a high risk of injury. A quick shoe shopping trip might be tempting, but it is always wise to go prepared and list the features that are important to you.

Our Podiatrist Dr. John C. Marzano, shares a few tips to be mindful of while shopping for footwear:

  • The right footwear size: The Brannock device is a trusted machine used in most shoe stores to gauge your exact foot size. Podiatrists advise getting your foot size measured with a Brannock device before making the final purchase. Even half a foot size can make a lot of difference in the level of comfort of the shoe.
  • Avoid buying an uncomfortable pair of shoes: If a pair of shoes is bothering you while trying them on, chances are it will likely keep chafing and pinching your feet once you bring it home. Choose footwear you can easily wear all day long.
  • Choose shoes for a specific sport: Sports shoes are designed to keep up with the rigors of a particular sport. The right athletic shoes can save you from injuries. The doctors suggest wearing shoes that are appropriate for a specific sport. Coaches and instructors can recommend suitable shoes for your chosen sport.

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