Common Toe Deformities

Common Toe Deformities

Toe deformities are a common occurrence among people who delay seeking treatment for their foot ailments. Prompt treatment can save you from the prolonged pains that come along with a toe deformity. At Westchester Podiatric Healing Medicine, P.C., we see patients with common misconceptions about these conditions, leading them not to seek treatment on time.


  • If left untreated, a toe deformity can lead to chronic pain and permanent malformation of the toes; toe deformities are progressive.
  • The choice of footwear can have an impact on the condition of your toe deformity. It can make it worse or set it right.

But each type of deformity possesses its unique characteristics as well. Below are the three most common toe deformities and a brief description of them:

  • Hammertoes: The joints of the toes evolve into a shape that takes an upward bend instead of lying flat. Hammertoes can be caused by a muscle imbalance or by wearing shoes that are too tight. Overlapping of the toes can force the toes to bend abnormally.
  • Bunion: A bump formed on the outside of the big toe by consistent pressure on the big toe joint or MTP joint (Metatarsophalangeal) is known as a bunion. Bunions are a common sight. Many people take them as aesthetically unlikeable. But more than that, they can make flexing of the toes while walking or otherwise a painful prospect. Wearing shoes can cause more pressure or pain to the enlarged toe joint. Corns and calluses soon follow in response to uneven pressure being applied on the soles of the feet. Arthritis and bursitis can occur at the site of the big toe with a bunion.
  • Claw toe: It is a foot malformation where the toes of the feet bend inwards like a claw digging into the surface of the floor or the shoes, often causing painful calluses and corns. Uncontrolled diabetes or alcoholism can cause nerve damage, making the toe muscles weak causing claw toe deformity.

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