Healthy Halloween Feet

Healthy Halloween Feet

During the festive spirit of the Halloween season, foot health might not be very high on many people’s priority lists. We understand there is much to do like choosing your costume, decorating the house, and trick o’ treat planning. But foot care during Halloween is just as important as celebrating it. Whatever your fun Halloween activities are for the night, make sure to keep your feet safe and healthy.


  • Pick out the right footwear

Make sure you look out for the right shoes with your Halloween costume. Most of the costumes are accompanied by impractical shoes. Footwear with high heels or an unstable base can stretch the Achilles tendon and muscles unnaturally and cause heel pain, plantar fasciitis, or fallen arches. An unstable shoe sole provides less support to your foot and may cause you to lose equilibrium and fall. You can choose to wear your comfortable shoes instead of costume footwear.

  • Choose the right size and fit

If you ordered a perfect Halloween costume and it is delivered in the wrong size, you may have the temptation to squeeze your way into it. Wearing undersized clothes may not pose much of a risk but wearing undersized shoes will. Shoes even a size smaller will compress your toes and put pressure on them. They can cause muscle soreness and foot pain. Carefully check your size if you are ordering the costume online. Select a pair of trusty shoes beforehand as a part of Plan B.

  • Divide your time between walking and standing

If you have plans to spend an active day, then span your hours between standing and walking. It is always a good idea to pack along a pair of sturdy shoes to events such as Halloween concerts and parades where you anticipate standing for long hours.

  • Consult a podiatrist

Check in with your podiatrist for medical advice if you suffer from chronic pain or other foot health issues. The podiatrist can examine and review your costume footwear for any unique shapes and sizes that may pose a risk of worsening any existing foot health issue.

Proactive measures can help keep your feet safe and healthy. If you have any foot concerns or questions for us, don’t hesitate to contact the office of Dr. John C. Marzano of Westchester Podiatric Healing Medicine, P.C., NY, to schedule a consultation. You can call us at (914) 423-0600 or visit our office at 984 N. Broadway, Suite LL03, Yonkers, NY 10701.