Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown Toenail

When it comes to the health of your feet, the office of Westchester Podiatric Healing Medicine, P.C., is here to help you start off your day on the right foot! As skilled providers of care, we offer a comprehensive range of services for the continued health of your feet, including treatments for athlete’s foot, fungal and ingrown toenails, diabetic foot care, and specialized treatments for foot pain, injuries and more.

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), ingrown toenails are the most common and typically painful nail disorder. While ordinarily, toenails grow straight out without impinging on the underlying skin, with ingrown toenails, the corners of the nails curve directly into the soft tissues of the toe. This pain producing deviation can be caused by a myriad of factors, including improperly trimming the nails, tight or crowded footwear, repeated foot trauma, or genetics. Moreover, it is the big toe that is most often affected by the condition

Left untreated, ingrown toenails can become increasingly painful and can lead to infection. If you have been experiencing pain at the corner or sides of the nail bed in any of your toes, it’s of the utmost importance that you reach out to our office as soon as possible.

Our experienced team is dedicated to providing prompt care to restore foot comfort and function, and always take special care to address all your questions and concerns. Oftentimes, all that is necessary for the treatment of an ingrown toenail is to remove the ingrown portion and prescribe medication to treat any infection that may be present. In cases of chronic ingrown toenails, there are additional options in care to alleviate your discomfort and help you return to your normal daily routine.

At the office of Westchester Podiatric Healing Medicine, P.C., we’re dedicated to providing the highest level of skilled and compassionate care. For more information on our practice and the many services we provide, give our office a call today.