Staying Safe with Falls Prevention Awareness Month

Staying Safe with Falls Prevention Awareness Month

More than fifty (50) percent of all falls that occur tend to happen at the place you feel the safest, i.e., your home. We spend most of our time at home and walk without much consideration for our safety and protection. Falls are a big concern, especially for the elderly. You can make numerous improvements around the house that will prevent falling and ensure safety.

It is not uncommon for older people to fall. Falls among the elderly can result in catastrophic injuries such as fractured or shattered bones. If you have an elder living with you who is prone to falling, fall-proofing your home is the first step in safeguarding them and their health.

Here are some tips that can help prevent falls:

  • Think from their perspective.

When required, use railings. Many elderly folks appreciate having handrails placed in or near their homes. Handrails around the house, wherever necessary, will help them move around the house more safely as they can maintain their balance and hold on to something for support.

  • Your house should not be an obstacle course.

Make a pathway outside for the elders so they can have a stroll and move around close by without the risk of falling. Ensure that the plants are managed and clipped, so they do not obstruct anyone’s access.

  • Good lighting changes everything.

At night, illuminate your home. If there are no nightlights programmed to turn on when it becomes dark, your loved one is at an increased risk of falls. Make sure you have enough brightness and maximum visibility round the clock.

  • Secure rugs and carpets

Check that all rugs, mats, and carpets in the house are securely fastened. If a portion of the carpet is raised or is uneven, it may cause the elderly to lose footing and fall. To reduce the chances of a fall, make sure that all such items are not uneven.

  • Keeps things organized

Clear any stuff that could lead the elderly to become disoriented. This might include luggage, coats, clothes, pots, or any other items that might obstruct their movement around the house. They should be able to move around without fear of colliding with something that will result in them losing their balance.

If you are apprehensive about the safety of your family, consider purchasing some necessary equipment. In case of a fall, emergency assistance that is required can be made available by simply pressing a button on their wristband that directs a call to 911. Safety alarms are also helpful when urgent help is required.

If you experienced a bad fall recently or are unsure about your condition in the lower extremities, see your podiatrist for a thorough fall risk assessment. For any queries and appointments, contact the office of Dr. John C. Marzano at Westchester Podiatric Healing Medicine, P.C., in Yonkers, NY. You can visit our office at 984 N. Broadway, Suite LL03, Yonkers, NY 10701, or call us at (914) 423-0600.