Tackling Fungus with Lasers

Tackling Fungus with Lasers

Laser technology has revolutionized healthcare. A procedure that once required systemic drug therapies and excessive care can now be taken care of quickly with promising results because of lasers. At Westchester Podiatric Healing Medicine, P.C., in Yonkers, NY, we utilize laser technology to treat patients with severe foot ailments, especially toenail fungus.

Podiatrists have conventionally relied on three ways to treat toenail fungus. These include:

  • Awareness and prevention: Raising awareness among our patients and taking necessary precautions to tackle the fungus threat. Going barefoot in public places such as gym locker rooms, swimming pools, and salons can increase the chances of contracting fungal infections. Make sure to wear protective shoes to avoid transmission.
  • Topical medication: Externally applied medication is effective in fighting toenail infections and prevents them from spreading. However, they may not be enough to eradicate the problem. Certain creams and nail polish may hold off an infection, but the problem can still reoccur if the usage is stopped.
  • Oral medication: The use of antifungal medication over several months to treat a toenail fungus infection.

Now, there is a newer, better, and faster way to treat toenail fungus. Known for precision and long-lasting effects, laser treatment kills the fungus that may be living around and underneath your nail!


Laser treatment is quick, painless, does not require anesthesia, and offers significant improvement after just one visit.

To learn more about this cutting-edge healing laser, contact Westchester Podiatric Healing Medicine, P.C., in Yonkers, NY by calling (914) 423-0600. Our highly experienced and board-certified podiatrist, Dr. John C. Marzano, can evaluate your foot condition and determine the best course of action for your feet.