Toenail Colors – What They Could Mean

Toenail Colors – What They Could Mean

Have you ever noticed the changes in the color of your toenails? Observing such a minor yet critical detail could be pivotal in explaining some apparent and not so apparent changes in your body.

Here are common toenail color changes that you should look out for and a brief explanation of what those changes signify. In case of uncertainty, always consult your podiatrist to know what needs to be done to address the issue.

  • Fungus: If the color of your toenails turns yellow or very rarely, red, green, black, or brown, it is usually due to nail fungus. In such cases, it is advised to see a foot doctor immediately before your condition aggravates.
  • Psoriasis: This condition usually occurs on the skin and tends to cause red, scaly spots. Although it is a common disease, this chronic condition does not have a cure but can be managed by making lifestyle changes. Psoriasis affects the toenails and fingernails and can be detected through visible reddish discoloration with distinctive spots under the nail.
  • Pseudomonas Infections: This infection causes the nails to turn green. Pseudomonas infections occur due to a bacterium by the same name. It is usually found in the general environment around us, especially in the soil and water. Although its impact on a physically healthy person is very mild, it impacts nail health.
  • Nail Polish: It’s not advised to keep nail polish on for a prolonged time as it also causes nail discoloration. The chemicals in nail polish tend to penetrate through the nails outer layer and damage it, causing a change in color once you remove the nail polish. That is why it is advised to use nail polish in moderation.
  • Injuries: Any harsh impact to the nail can cause it to change color from black, blue, purple, or brown. Stubbing your toe against a solid surface is excruciatingly painful and it can also impact your nail health adversely. Make sure to wear gloves or boots to protect fingernails and toenails, respectively.

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