Unhealthy Footwear Options for Your Feet

Unhealthy Footwear Options for Your Feet

Wearing the proper footwear can help prevent back, leg, and foot pain. According to podiatrists, the support you receive from footwear affects how your entire body is aligned. For this reason, it makes sense to spend money on good quality footwear.

Here are some footwear options that are bad for your feet:


High heels are one of the worst types of shoes for your feet and should only be worn for short durations, and that too only on special occasions. High heels can cause anything from ankle sprains to persistent pain in other parts of the body. High heels specifically can lead to the following problems:

  • Swelling on the heel and ankles
  • Pressure on the ball of your feet
  • Ankle sprains and ligament damage
  • Spinal issues and lower back pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • blisters
  • bunions
  • hammertoes


Ballet flats are just as terrible for your feet as flip-flops because they, too, provide little or no support. Unlike the shoes worn by other athletes, ballet shoes do not provide any shock absorption. If you must use them, try using orthotic inserts for support.


Flip-flops provide no arch and heel support, which can exacerbate foot conditions like plantar fasciitis. Moreover, these shoes should not be worn by diabetic patients as minor cuts and scrapes might cause major consequences.


Shoes with inflexible foot soles should also be avoided as they disrupt normal walking mechanics. While your foot is attempting to bend in a particular direction, the hard shoe resists your efforts, causing discomfort and pain.

Here are some important points to keep in mind when buying a shoe:

  • Buy shoes in the evening.
  • Choose a shoe size based on your bigger foot.
  • Analyze the general design of the shoe and do not purchase unsuitable shoes.
  • Remember the half-inch rule (from your big toe to the inside wall of the shoe).
  • Test new shoes with well-fitting socks.
  • Your arch is supported by strapped shoes.

Visit your podiatrist if you are experiencing foot problems or are worried that you may have a specific issue impeding your everyday activities.

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