UV Radiation and Foot Health

UV Radiation and Foot Health

Summer is a time for picnics, recreational activities, swimming pools, beaches, and just simply unwinding. UV Safety Awareness Month is observed every July. As we take advantage of the sunny weather outside, it is important to follow certain safety measures to protect yourself from UV exposure.

Sunlight brings with it ultraviolet (UV) radiation. While exposure to the sun may provide health benefits, excessive exposure can lead to skin damage and skin cancer.


Ultraviolet radiation is energy produced by the sun. The radiation travels via the sun’s rays —the two common types of UV rays are UVA and UVB. Sunlamps and tanning beds are other sources of ultraviolet radiation. The immune system and the eyes may both suffer as a result. Skin cancer and other skin disorders like dryness, wrinkled or flaky skin, scales, rashes and more, can all be brought on by UV radiation. Sunscreens help protect the skin against UV radiation.


It is not uncommon to overlook your feet when exposed to the sun. Here are some recommendations to avoid overexposure to UV radiation and keep your feet protected:

  • Apply sunblock for UV protection and cover not only your body but your feet as well. Doctors advise applying sunscreen that has at least an SPF of 30. There is no complete protection from UV rays, but if you use sunblock with SPF of 50 and higher, you drastically reduce the chances of skin damage.
  • The more exposed your skin is to the sun, the more the chances of overexposure to UV radiation. When heading out to the beach or swimming pool, do not keep your feet exposed unnecessarily
  • Avoid being out in the open at midday, as that is usually when the sun releases high levels of UV radiation. Early or last few hours of the day make moving about more pleasant and help you avoid over-exposure to the sun.

If you experience any skin problems like rashes, redness, itchy skin, sunburn, etc., or if you need any advice on skin and feet protection during the summer season, get in touch with your foot doctor immediately.

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